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UNIVERSEH, unites over 130.977 students, 13.030 staff and 59 associates. With a focus on “Space”, the Alliance will work towards the following goals:

Enhance mobility and multilingualism
We will enhance current support services and develop common ones such as the “Feel at Home” program. Further, the alliance will develop mobility opportunities, create new partnerships and organize short term mobility. UNIVERSEH will also promote and facilitate access to different language courses, diversify the offer and contribute to developing students’ tandems.

Develop new joint Interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial curricula
UNIVERSEH will involve different stakeholders; collect information on the current and future needs, then, based on courses from the alliance, UNIVERSEH will create new interdisciplinary curricula.

Develop new pedagogical models
We will explore new innovative opportunities: personal learning networks, hybrid and virtual learning and student to student learning

Become an entrepreneurial “university”
UNIVERSEH will develop new common entrepreneurship courses adapted to European space sector, develop different activities such as call for project with stakeholders, support to students’ projects, networking and mentoring program, student practical experience in research and innovation infrastructures. All the actions will be supported by a strong Business-University cooperation.

Address some of the barriers students can face when it comes to joining higher education in general and studying abroad in particular
The Alliance will produce a EuroCharter on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity: towards European standards, testimonial videos of Women in the Space sector, a blog for students with specific needs to enable them to share experiences and staff seminar for common guidelines and improvement of services for mobile students.