Entrepreneuring in Space Industry

Entrepreneuring in Space Industry
In this course, business and engineering approaches are used to combine different fields of study. The student body will be composed of students from Business, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences. Support and mentoring, as well as resources, will be provided in different languages.

Topics covered:

  • Space Economy | Past, present and future
    • Intro to Course
      Introduction to Space
      Space Entrepreneurial Ecosystems at a Glance
      Challenges of Today’s World and Contributions of Space Innovations
      New Space Economy Funding
      Lessons Learnt from Space Entrepreneurs
  • Foundation Courses
    • Business Model Canvas
      Space sectors: Downstream activities, launchers, and Satellite Manufacturing
      Space for Social Sciences
      General IPR
      Management of Innovation
      Conceptual and Concurrent Engineering Design
    • Team Ideation
      Interdisciplinary Teamwork
      Team building
      Ideation on Earth Observation
      Value Proposition
      Customers and Revenue
  • Entrepreneurial project and monetization
    • Sustainability in Aerospace
      International Entrepreneurship in the Space Industry and its Challenges
      Entrepreneurship Project
  • Protecting and funding MVPs