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Through the ages, Space has inspired wonder, questions, cultural and artistic works and technology innovation. It has the potential to concern all students and researchers covering a broad range of subjects and applications.

The night sky and dreams of travel into space have inspired myths and legends and artists long before the space age. Stars were the main means of finding direction and navigating before the compass and GPS. Space enthuses many of us. It has the potential to concern all students and researchers as this field covers a broad range of subjects and applications, ranging from the design of space habitat concepts for the moon or mars to psychosocial and health challenges of living in Space, law governing space-related activities, astronomical art, space engineering…

As expressed by Paul Weissenberg, Deputy Director General of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry:

Investing in space today means investing in growth, employment and innovation tomorrow.

In all its aspects (science, engineering, economy, business, social and human sciences, patenting and innovation, entrepreneurship, science and medicine, art and culture), UNIVERSEH will contribute to European Education area, to job and industrial growth, to resolve key societal challenges, and to make the space sector more sustainable, to ensure that the EU remains a global leader in the New Space domain.

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