UNIVERSEH Statement on the Invasion of Ukraine

The UNIVERSEH European University Alliance (including universities from France, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden and Poland) was shocked by the outbreak of war, as academic cooperation, exchange, interculturality and multilingualism – which are the foundation of European University Alliances – are supposed to strengthen peace. Peace has been achieved not so long ago on our continent through diplomatic efforts following a succession of conflicts throughout history.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and the armed conflict represent a terrible regression in our view, and are contrary to all the values we advocate. Universities contribute to educate world citizens; we firmly oppose intolerance and violence and support the people of Ukraine.

We would particularly like to offer our help and support to the Ukrainian academic community, to our Ukrainian students and colleagues both in our universities and in Ukraine, or on their way into exile. We would also like to express our sympathy and solidarity with the Russian and Belarusian academic community who are courageously expressing their dissent, despite the censorship and risks involved. The member institutions of our Consortium will mobilise to facilitate the reception of those who have had to flee their country because of this conflict.