Space Semester “Sciences, ça tourne”

Location: Vauban, Ecole et Lycée français de Luxembourg 

UNIVERSEH announces a new project “Sciences, ça tourne” in collaboration with high school in Luxembourg, Lycée Vauban and l’Institut francais of Luxembourg, under the auspices of the French Embassy in Luxembourg.

The project, “Sciences, ça tourne”, the title refers to the the French expression “Silence, ça tourne”. In the same time, ‘ça tourne’ is accordant to the second-largest planet in the Solar System, Saturn.

The theme of this academic year at Lycée Vauban is astronomy. A rich programme of the project will give the opportunity to students from Lycée Vauban and students involved in UNIVERSEH project, throughout the academic year, to participate in various activities around astronomy. Six conferences on topics from spacecraft insurance to space medicine, an exhibition dedicated to 60 years of CNES, workshops and other surprises will be offered in the programme of this ‘Space’ semester!

Save the dates! Dates of conferences at the Amphitheatre of Lycée Vauban:   

  • 09/11/2022        Jean-Pol Frippiat, Université de Lorraine – watch online streaming of the conference
  • 30/11/2022        Claudie HAIGNERE, Astronaute CNES
  • 14/12/2022        Olivier FRANCIS, Université du Luxembourg – REGISTER HERE
  • 25/01/2023        Denis BOUSQUET, AXA XL, Paris
  • 07/02/2023        Patrick BAUDRY, Astronaute CNES
  • 02/03/2023        Nicolas PETIT, MINES ParisTech
  • 29/03/2023        Christophe Ley, Université du Luxembourg & Guenda Palmirotta, European Space Agency



More information will follow. Stay tuned!