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To find life in space with NASA/JPL

23 November 2022

Luleå University of Technology is among the few to be part in a prestigious collaboration with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) with the aim of exploring signs of life in other planets. This collaboration might prove itself to answer the … Continued

A greener future with laser beams

15 November 2022

With the development of a new ultrafast laser-based instrument, Alexis Bohlin, researcher in Space Systems from one of the partner Universities of UNIVERSEH alliance, Luleå University of Technology among with colleagues in the Netherlands have taken a step closer towards greener … Continued

Communication training class ‘Simple, Short and Exciting’

14 October 2022

In the framework of the Beyond UNIVERSEH project, the alliance is organising its third edition of science communication training class ‘Simple, Short and Exciting’! A training for Bachelor and Master students of all disciplines. Join this 2-day interactive workshop, which … Continued

Space Semester “Sciences, ça tourne”

03 October 2022

Location: Vauban, Ecole et Lycée français de Luxembourg  UNIVERSEH announces a new project “Sciences, ça tourne” in collaboration with high school in Luxembourg, Lycée Vauban and l’Institut francais of Luxembourg, under the auspices of the French Embassy in Luxembourg. The … Continued

Public Lecture Series – Critical Outer Space

28 September 2022

UNIVERSEH is happy to introduce the open lecture series “Critical Outer Space”! The lectures series explores the complex field of study that is science and exploration of outer space trough a variety of disciplinary lenses such as environmentalism, posthuman studies, mobility … Continued


07 September 2022

The European University UNIVERSEH is organising a series of multidisciplinary lectures on the topic of sustainability related to the space sector.  The question of sustainability is open to your interpretation; it can be for example sustainability of the earth orbital … Continued

UNIVERSEH Dictionary of Space Concepts

08 August 2022

The Dictionary of Space Concepts (DSC) provides not only the basis for the advanced English language classes of the UNIVERSEH Multilingualism Programme; it also serves as larger online support platform for all UNIVERSEH students, with the aim of training specific … Continued

UNIVERSEH Moodle launch

26 July 2022

UNIVERSEH is proud to announce the launch of its Learning Management System through Moodle. Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments. Newly developed shared … Continued

Luxembourg Young Graduate Trainee Programme

11 July 2022

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN!  The Luxembourg Young Graduate Trainee (LuxYGT) programme offers a wide range of internships at the European Space Agency for Luxembourg students. The internships take place at different ESA centers, offering successful applicants an opportunity to … Continued