An insightful discussion with Nicolas Maubert, on EU-US space cooperation

In April 2024, UNIVERSEH had the distinct honor of hosting Nicolas Maubert a luminary in the space sector, to discuss EU-US relationships and cooperation in space at ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse.

This high-profile event took place in a hall full of students, highlighting the widespread interest and the significance of the topic.

Nicolas Maubert, the Representative of CNES and Space Attaché to the French Embassy in the US, brought unparalleled expertise to the discussion. With two decades of international experience, his career includes leadership roles in space program management, system engineering, and operations, significantly shaping French space policy.

This event was a remarkable opportunity for UNIVERSEH Students to learn from a leading professional and a former student of one of the UNIVERSEH alliance universities, whose contributions to the space industry are both profound and inspiring.