Course organisation

Courses are planned and implemented by the institutions associated in UNIVERSEH. They take place on the campuses of the partner institutions in Toulouse, Luxembourg, Düsseldorf, Kraków, Lulea, Rome and Namur. Students can attend the courses in person or remotely. To register for a course, students must be registered at one of the partner universities of the UNIVERSEH Alliance. UNIVERSEH courses can be combined with other studies.

Our study experience involves in-person, distant and blended learning within UNIVERSEH’s collaborative campus, involving students and teachers located on the campuses of the five partner Universities. UNIVERSEH’s students will have the opportunity to combine courses across Universities and access foreign language classes in a multilingual environment.

Registering for the courses

To register for UNIVERSEH courses please contact the UNIVERSEH representatives from one of the partner universities of the European University UNIVERSEH Alliance.

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