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Thu 23 May
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AGH University of Krakow

The first pan-european
high level teaching
and research programme
for space


With UNIVERSEH, the universities of the alliance create new higher education interactive experiences within space sector.


With Beyond UNIVERSEH, the universities of the alliance goes further than teaching by exploring research and innovation dimensions.


UNIVERSEH is an alliance of seven young and mature universities from seven European countries. It was established in November 2020 to develop a new way of collaboration in the field of Space, within the new “European Universities” initiative promoted by the European Commission.

We wish to create new higher education interactive experiences for the university community, teachers and students, and for the benefit of society as a whole. Such initiatives will enable broadminded, informed and conscientious European citizens to capture and create new knowledge and become smart actors of European innovation, valorisation and societal dissemination within the Space sector, from science, engineering, liberal arts to culture.

The UNIVERSEH partners are committed to secure new approaches for Teaching & Learning in an evolving world where knowledge and its transmission have never been so difficult to streamline to learners. Student-centered learning, peer-to-peer and collaborative teaching designs will be the cornerstone of UNIVERSEH’s educational endeavour. It comprises in-person, distance and blended learning within UNIVERSEH’s collaborative campus, including students’, teachers’ and researchers’ thematic and cultural European mobility. Innovative pedagogical approaches, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral curricula are key components of our educational approach.

UNIVERSEH relies on a wide range of expertise and already acquired extensive contacts with the space industry and European Space Institutes to rapidly adapt and implement the most relevant Teaching & Learning environment to cover European needs in the area of Space.

UNIVERSEH is an alliance of

Université de Toulouse

Université du Luxembourg

Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf

Luleå University of Technology

AGH University of Krakow

University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

University of Namur