Citizens Platform

Welcome to the Citizens´ UNIVERSEH Platform

At Beyond UNIVERSEH we are fascinated by space and are looking for members of the public who share this fascination. Our goal is to create a reciprocal relationship between citizens, students, and researchers to increase the public’s knowledge of space science, raise awareness of its chances and opportunities, and provide students and researchers with space science citizen-based knowledge. If you’re interested in space science and would like to become a citizen scientist, Beyond UNIVERSEH offers opportunities to participate. Contribute to space science by participating in a citizen science project!

What is citizen science?

Citizen science refers to the participation of members of the public in scientific research. In other words, it describes a collaboration between citizens and scientists. Citizens involved in such a project are called “citizen scientists”.

Why get involved in space science?

Scientific research is often very complex. Citizen science offers you a great opportunity to learn more about current space research, learn new skills, and deepen your knowledge and understanding of space-related topics. It also benefits science, as new perspectives broaden the scientific discourse and despite technological advancement and artificial intelligence, many tasks cannot be done without human intelligence. Beyond UNIVERSEH values your perspectives and ideas and recognizes their potential in solving the issues of our time.

Become a space scientist and help us advance research!

Explore the projects below and learn more about how to participate in UNIVERSEH.

Dictionary of Space Concepts

Citizens Science Project
Help create the first Space Dictionary by contributing and defining space-related terms! Become part of it!

Code For Science

Citizen Science Project
We need you to contribute to the computer coding necessary for an efficient, state-of-the-art research work. Become part of it!

Citizen Science Project

Inside the Alliance
Case studies and pilot science projects from the space sector, led or co-led by UNIVERSEH partner universities.

Science Communication

Trainings and Events for Citizens
For students, researchers, lecturers and all interested citizens.
Beyond UNIVERSEH has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035795.