Luxembourg DeepTech Challenge & Excellence programme

📣 ESA Academy joins UNIVERSEH to offer entrepreneurial courses and activities within the SpaceHack, part of the Luxembourg DeepTech Challenge & Excellence programme.

The DeepTech Challenge & Excellence event comprises three pillars: Advanced materials, One Health and Space all intertwined for innovative applications.
The DeepTech Challenge & Excellence, is structured as a team competition, like a hackathon of 24 hours over three days with the support of domain experts and coaches.
It is open to European Universities, international university and doctoral students, professionals, and researchers.

🔸 ESA Academy will play an active role in the definition, in the organization and in providing mentors for the event.
🔹 SpaceHack is a collaborative event meant to combine the expertise and skills of space and non-space talents in a collective entrepreneurial action.
The scope of participating teams is to design innovative concepts that explore the near future potentials of the new space industry.

UNIVERSEH and Technoport SA are proud of welcoming ESA within its educational and entrepreneurial scheme, which will exacerbate student interest for space innovation, business development and innovation in Europe.

➡ More information will follow.