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Stellar Scape – an exhibition about art and science

On Friday June 21 the “Pavillon”, Namur’s exhibition, experimentation and innovation center, started its new exhibition: Stellar Scape, which will run until January 2025. The exhibition takes visitors to the heart of astronomy and new space exploration, through the eyes of some twenty artists, engineers and researchers.

Art is at the heart of human communication, a vector of wonder, emotion, surprise and questioning that stimulates our imagination. One of the keys to successful learning and information retention is motivation. The desire to know more. And it’s precisely this desire that can be awakened through mysteries, the unknown and surprises, which lead to questioning. Why can’t we go faster than the speed of light? What’s happening on the surface of the Sun? Can we clean up space debris?

In this way, each artwork becomes an opportunity to popularize information about space, its exploration and science in general, in response to the public’s reactions. The “Confluent des Savoirs”, the University of Namur’s research outreach service, has therefore designed two documents to accompany visitors: a scientific notebook that contextualizes the scientific aspects related to the artwork. And a roadbook containing additional information, as well as various scientific elements, for the tour guide team.

Some artworks on display were conceived during artists’ residencies at the University of Namur’s Astronomical Observatory. They were the results of exchanges and dialogues between the arts and sciences, between artists and scientists.

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