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Space Week AGH is over! What an intense time it was.

Space Week took place from 17-24.05.2024 at the AGH University of  Krakow. It was an event organized by the Space Technology Centre and a really fruitful time full of meetings, lectures, workshops and even space games.

We started Space Week with a “Cosmeeting” at a primary school. The SpaceTeam AGH scientific club took on the task of bringing space  knowledge to the youngest.

At AGH, representatives of local authorities and space sector stakeholders from the region met with experts from the space industry to take part in a discussion on ‘Space Opportunities: development of the space sector in the perspective of Krakow and Malopolska’.

Students participated in the workshop ‘Pitching your research to diverse audiences’, where they learned how to present their research results most effectively during poster sessions.

Space Day was a huge success, with almost 500 high school students visiting AGH university to learn more about the activities of UNIVERSEH and space scientific clubs. The auditorium was literally bursting at the seams!

We also introduced space topics in a slightly looser form – participants had the chance to play space board games and see space through VR Google. We watched the film ‘Proxima’, which told the life of a woman who tries to reconcile the life of an astronaut with being a mother. The screening was preceded by an introductory lecture by dr Agata Kolodziejczyk, who told us a bit more about the lives of female astronauts.

Space Week culminated in the Space Resources Conference, where space experts from all over the world gave their talks and more than 100 people presented us with the results of their research during oral and poster sessions.