Ready to live on the moon?

On February the 6th, in Toulouse, over 50 Toulouse students had the opportunity to meet analogue astronauts as well as professionals in sociology and psychology.

The audience engaged in discussions about the potential impacts of communal living in future lunar colonies with subject matter experts:

  • Marie Delaroche, analogue astronaut at ISAE Supaero
  • Somaya Bennani, analogue astronaut at ISAE Supaero
  • Grégory Navarro, Head of Space Habitat Development and Survival Systems at CNES
  • Michel Grossetti, sociologist and research director at CNRS
  • Franck Amadieu, researcher in ergonomics and cognitive psychology at University of Toulouse II Jean Jaurès

Conference organized by members of the UNIVERSEH student team.

In the first photo, from left to right: Yamina Chtourou, UNIVERSEH student, Marie Delaroche, analogue astronaut, Somaya Bennani, analogue astronaut, and Kimberley Merlet, UNIVERSEH student.