UNIVERSEH European University is prolonged with a 4-year grant from Erasmus+

UNIVERSEH European University enters second phase in which it will be more innovative, cross-science, multilingual, multicultural, inclusive, research-based and providing sustainable learning environment with excellence and passion.

UNIVERSEH European University has been awarded a 4-year grant from the Erasmus+ programme. This grant will enable UNIVERSEH to further its mission as the leading European University in the ever-evolving space sector. With a commitment to innovation, cross-science collaboration, multilingualism, multiculturalism, inclusivity, and sustainability.

The consortium of higher education institutions embarked in the UNIVERSEH 2.0 includes seven universities from across all Europe:

Over the next four years, UNIVERSEH aims to achieve remarkable milestones and collaborate closely with all stakeholders. Our interdisciplinary approach, which intertwines various scientific fields, cultural aspects, entrepreneurial leadership, and diversity, will empower students to spearhead Europe’s socio-economic success and security within the growing and changing space economy. At UNIVERSEH, we prioritize providing an exceptional and cutting-edge learning environment that remains sustainable and agile. By doing so, we ensure that our students and society as a whole can reap the benefits.

UNIVERSEH is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to making a lasting impact in the field of space education. Together, we will shape the future of space education and create a thriving ecosystem of knowledge, innovation, and opportunity.