ESA Academy and UNIVERSEH 2.0 partners to elevate space education

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Education Office, known as the ESA Academy, is partnering with UNIVERSEH 2.0!

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Education Office, known as the ESA Academy, is partnering with UNIVERSEH 2.0 to offer entrepreneurial courses and activities within the SpaceHack.

This collaboration will nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among students and aspiring professionals in the space sector, empowering them to develop innovative solutions and business models that address real-world challenges in the space sector. The ESA Academy’s expertise in space education, coupled with UNIVERSEH’s focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the space industry and the skills necessary to launch successful ventures.

As part of this partnership, 

were welcomed by 

  • Jean-Luc Trullemans, Head of European Space Security & Education Centre,
  • Natacha Callens, ESA Academy Engagement Programme Administrator,
  • Laetitia Delhaze, Engagement & Thematics Coordinator at Redu Space Services
  • Nigel Savage, ESA Academy Administrator – Training

to visit the ESA Academy – ESA ESEC in Redu, Belgium, to discover the facilities and discuss new activities for the UNIVERSEH students.

The representatives were given a tour of its facilities, which includes a control center for ESA’s Proba missions, ED laboratory, a space weather data center, and an education and training center.

UNIVERSEH is also pleased to announce the first collaborative project with ESA Academy, Luxembourg DeepTech Challenge & Excellence programme is a joint initiative of UNIVERSEH, Technoport SA and ESA Academy, a technology park and business incubator in Luxembourg. The programme aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in three key areas: Advanced materials, One Health, and Space.

This partnership will be a valuable asset to both UNIVERSEH and the ESA Academy. UNIVERSEH looks forward to working together to foster the next generation of space entrepreneurs!


The visit provided an opportunity to discover the latest developments in the space industry and to identify potential areas of collaboration.