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Your impact matters – Sustainability Day 2024 on campus of HHU

On 5 June 2024, HHU invited to its first Sustainability Day, revolving around what ‘sustainability’ actually means and to inform what is already happening in the fields of research, teaching and operation on campus.

In cooperation with stakeholder, Climate KIC the UNIVERSEH team developed a concept for the Sustainability Day on campus of HHU, where over 25 exhibitors presented their work on sustainability topics. Students and other interested booth visitors had the chance to learn about the EU funded Copernicus Programme and gather ideas on how sustainability on earth affects sustainable space development. During exciting discussions, various aspects of sustainable space development were identified, and collected on an interactive mind map.

The HHU UNIVERSEH team had the chance to talk to more than 40 students during the event and help them reflect on the role sustainability plays in their own professional and private context.

Are you interested in getting involved in discussions about sustainable space development yourself? Try joining one of our local student clubs and make it a topic during one of their next sessions!

More information about the student clubs and their next meetings on their Instagram accounts: