The European University UNIVERSEH is organising a series of multidisciplinary lectures on the topic of sustainability related to the space sector. 

The question of sustainability is open to your interpretation; it can be for example sustainability of the earth orbital sector, sustainability of launching vehicles, sustainability of the earth monitored from space, sustainability in the critical outer space studies, ethical questions around space debris etc.

Each participant (PhD student, researcher or stakeholder) will hold a lecture highlighting different perspectives on this general topic for the students of all disciplines and staff of the UNIVERSEH Consortium. 

The rich and interdisciplinary program will allow you to promote your fields of expertise and give visibility to your project by joining this alliance funded by the European Commission. 

Lectures will preferably be given live to an audience in Toulouse (or one of the partners) with simultaneous video transmission to partners. Tuesday afternoons are proposed for the lectures but this may be modified to fit your schedule and it may also be possible to give the lecture online. 

In case of your presence on-site, the Consortium will cover travel, accommodation and subsistence costs. The on-site lectures will be hosted by University of Toulouse. Upon request it is also possible to organise a lunch meeting with useful contacts in the project. 

We propose additionally a video recording and/or a contribution to an anthology to disseminate your communication on the UNIVERSEH website. 

The working language will be English. 

All applicants need to: 

  • have first-hand competency and a solid background in the aspects applied to at least one of the focus disciplines and/or sectors of the project (cf. the application form) 
  • have excellent communication and networking skills and be fluent in spoken English 

Duration of the talk: 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of discussion.

Applicants can submit their application by e-mail within the deadline of September 30th to the address In addition to the filled-in application form a short curriculum vitae should be provided.