Accommodation and restaurants

Where to stay?

A block of rooms has been booked in different hotels in Namur. Please find the list below, with information on walking distance from the University campus.   

Hotel reservations are now available. We would like to kindly pay your attention and highly reccommend you to book your accommodation as soon as possible.   

Deadline for hotel reservations is 15 September 2024.  

Please use the promotional code UNIVERSEH24 to book your room.

5 minutes from the university

15 minutes from the university

15 minutes from the university

20 minutes from the university

25 minutes from the university

Where to eat?

Find below a list of restaurants where you can organize work-package or hub’s dinners.

Organizing team best choice

Brasserie François  




La rue de Demain

Gourmet fast food

La Confluence 


Le Clou Doré


Bistro Bisou


Where to drink?

Organizing team best choice


Welcome to the biggest and most complete beer bar in Namur!

Botanical by Alfonse

A cocktail bar that takes you to the heart of liquid gastronomy.

Vino Vino

The foremost for the pleasure of drinking good wine in Namur.