Luleå University of Technology

The University has a well -established network of contacts from around the world that you can benefit from directly. We have a strong international presence in all three core fields: education, research and innovation.  Each year, we welcome about 400 exchange students to LTU. We have four campuses, Luleå (biggest campus), Kiruna, Piteå and Skellefteå.

Flexibility is the key word at LTU.  Exchange students can focus on courses in their own academic fields and/or combine courses from different departments as long as they meet the prerequisites. To enable students to fulfil their studies in the best possible way, we hold more than 200 courses in English.

If you are interested in sports and outdoor activities, LTU is definitely the right choice. The nature is right next to the University area and you can experience the changing seasons that offer everything from snow in the winter to midnight sun in the summer.
There are also many student associations that can give you experiences and friends for life. Whether you would like to join a choir, build a robot go to festivals or just spend time hanging out with friends – the possibilities are endless.

of the University

Everything you need to know before your stay

Academic Calendar

The academic year consists of two semesters. Each semester is divided in two quarters and examinatons take place during the last week of each quarter.

  • Autumn semester (Quarter 1 and Quarter 2)
  • Spring semester (Quarter 3 and Quarter 4)

Registration/ Admission

The application procedure my vary, you can find further information here.

***Disclaimer: Our alliance is working towards the creation of one strong inter-university campus. Future UNIVERSEH students, staff & researchers will join a united yet diverse, multilingual and interdisciplinary campus. The aim is to build a harmonised curriculum and effective support services for our entire crew. Therefore, the alliance is working on a multilateral agreement to build the foundations for mobility among all five partner universities.

More information will be provided here once the process has been completed.

Migration information

For information about entry into Sweden and required permits for non EU/EEA citizens click.


What's the weather like in the north of Sweden? If you are curious, read this.

Academic workshop

The Academic Workshop deals with important information like course registration, exam registration and other important administrative issues that concern your studies. Academic workshops are offered both on campus Luleå in the beginning of each semester and also online.


LTU reserves accommodation for exchange students staying at least one semester in Luleå.



All exchange students at LTU are automatically insured via group insurance, the Swedish State insurance for foreign students in Sweden (STUDENT IN). It is important that you obtain sufficient health (dental care included) and travel insurance in your home country. You will not be able to do this in Sweden.

Inside the EU, the health insurance from your home EU country is generally valid in all other EU countries. However, please make sure to contact your health insurer to verify that and get the free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Information on the insurance Student In and health care can be found here.

Cost of living

Here is a guide to help you calculate your estimated monthly expenses in Lulea.

  • Beer (330ml): 7 €
  • Meal at university restaurant: 5.50 €
  • Red wine (200ml): 8 €
  • Bread (500g): 3 €
  • Coffee to go: 1.50 €
  • Bike rental: 15 € daily
  • Gym membership: 65 € monthly
  • Still water (500ml): 1 €

Getting there (to from airport/ train station)

You can go to Luleå, Kiruna and Skellefteå by plane or train. You can find further information here. And for further information on the airports, refer to:

Luleå University Reception Committee - LURC - organises an arrival week at Luleå campus for exchange students in the beginning of each semester.

For further information about arrival to our campuses in LuleåKirunaSkellefteå and Piteå, please contact the International office for updated information.