UNIVERSEH Dictionary of Space Concepts

The Dictionary of Space Concepts (DSC) provides not only the basis for the advanced English language classes of the UNIVERSEH Multilingualism Programme; it also serves as larger online support platform for all UNIVERSEH students, with the aim of training specific space terminologies across various fields connected to the space sector.

The DSC combines core space concepts and with helpful illustrations, all in an open-project format, which is freely available to everyone inside and outside UNIVERSEH. We welcome your contributions, comments, and expertise!

This project has been developed by faculty, students, and staff working and studying at all institutions of our alliance! For instance, students who recently participated in the 2022 Summer School on Space Resources and Mining hosted by the AGH UST in Kraków made contributions to the DSC as part of their team projects.

Do you want to take part of developing the Dictionary of Space Concepts? Enroll in the Collaborative Dictionary of Space Concepts, or sign-up for the language course being taught this Fall, English C1: Terms and Concepts of Space. Be sure to check out all the entries that have been created so far in the DSC!

For more Space Dictionary content, follow our new Instagram account @jointhespacecrew and its social media campaign #wordoftheweek. You will get the opportunity to know more about the Space Dictionary project from its creators and discover new terms every other week!