Tue 14 May
- Tue 14 May
14.00 - 15:00
Online (MS Teams)

Challenges and Perspectives of Space Sustainability

Join us for a webinar organized in collaboration with Prof. Loredana Santo from Università di Roma Tor Vergata, a member of the UNIVERSEH project. On May 14th, we will discuss the issue of sustainable space.

Sustainable development is not just a popular trend but an especially important issue in the implementation of initiatives related to space exploration—from large space missions to smaller projects such as launching small research satellites into orbit. The right approach to these issues allows for increasing savings in the projects carried out and minimizing environmental costs, thereby caring for the space ecosystem and society.

A few words about the seminar from the Host:

“Space sustainability is a challenging topic that needs a multidisciplinary approach. It refers to the use of outer space for peaceful purposes and socioeconomic benefit now and in the long term. In such context, it can be understood in the broadest sense, from space debris cleaning, in-space manufacturing, to the study of how space is viewed in diverse cultures to the implications that life on new planets can have on human beings and social community. Therefore, it affects the environment, society, and economy.

In this lecture, space sustainability is discussed with a focus on potential future life in outer space.

After a general description of the matter, examples of experimental research on advanced materials and structures for sustainability will be shown.

Finally, challenges and perspectives of space sustainability will be highlighted. Following the presentation, there will be a discussion session.”

We cordially invite you to participate and engage in the discussion!

The event is part of the UNIVERSEH 2.0 project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.