Mon 18 Mar
- Mon 18 Mar
7:00 PM
Faculté des Sciences - Rue Joseph Grafé 2, Namur

conference : Space exploration: sustainable?

Since the launch of the first artificial satellite in 1957, thousands of satellites have been launched into space. These have been put into orbit to improve our everyday lives (telecommunications, weather forecasts, geolocation and navigation, etc.) and our scientific knowledge of the solar system and the Universe.

In recent years, thanks to developments in the space sector, new (private) players have had the opportunity to put constellations of thousands of satellites into orbit for a variety of purposes (telecommunications, tourism, etc.).

Over the years, tonnes of satellite debris and other space objects resulting from human activity have been abandoned in space, awaiting slow decay or destruction in the atmosphere.
Today, this space pollution is disastrous for ongoing missions and scientific research, and justifies the introduction of measures to safeguard a sustainable future for space activity.
Join our panel of experts to discover and discuss the current and future challenges of space exploration.

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Organised by UNamur and Confluent des Savoirs