Wed 31 May
- Fri 2 Jun
Strasbourg, France

UNIVERSEH at European Student Assembly 2023

Student Council of UNIVERSEH project participated  in the second edition of the European Student Assembly, held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. This highly anticipated event brought together 230 talented students from 30 European countries.

The European Student Assembly 2023 served as a platform for students to engage in thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and panels on pressing topics such as Education, Climate Change, Sustainability, and more. UNIVERSEH, along with 40 other European Universities Community Alliances, joined forces to foster collaboration, inspire innovative ideas, and drive positive change.

Throughout the three-day event, participants had the opportunity to interact with experts in their respective fields, gaining valuable insights and forging connections that will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors. The European Student Assembly 2023 empowered students to explore and tackle the most pressing challenges of our time, leaving a lasting impact on their personal and academic journeys.

ESA 2023 offers a range of interactive workshops and panel discussions covering diverse topics such as sustainability, innovation, social justice, and the future of education. Participants have had the opportunity to collaborate with their peers, learn from experts, and develop practical skills to address pressing issues and drive positive impact in their communities. The recommendations made by students will be disseminated at events that will bring together various policy actors in Europe, such as municipalities, businesses and NGOs.

UNIVERSEH European University played an active role in the Assembly, contributing to the vibrant discussions and demonstrating its commitment to promoting excellence in education, environmental sustainability, and the advancement of society. The university community is proud of its students’ outstanding contributions and the valuable connections they established during the event.