Wed 15 May
- Thu 16 May
LCEL: 4 rue Alphonse Weicker 2721, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Who leads the way in the new era of space? The new actors of international space law

Together with Luxembourg Centre for European Law (LCEL), Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF) and SES Satellites, UNIVERSEH is excited to co-organise an interdisciplinary conference discussing the evolution and current challenges of international space law.

The interdisciplinary conference and the special issue will examine the making and evolution of international space law (ISL) from the perspective of its actors. It will focus on the founding and constitutive actors of international space law and policymaking: States, diplomats, policymakers, intergovernmental organisations; as well as private entities such as companies, NGOs such as ISO, scientists, individuals, and other entities who prompted the creation and drive the development of the current global legal and political system governing space activities.

This conference aims at fostering a dialogue to analyse how and why ISL was created, what the forces and actors driving its current structure and networks are, and what the challenges are for the future.

The conference is spread across one and half days, comprising four panels. On the first day, the conference will focus on the interaction between states, international and regional organizations as the creators of ISL during the first panel. The conference will then turn its attention to ISL as a construct of states, international and regional organizations in its second panel. On the second day, the third panel will focus on the growing role and influence of non-state entities in the norm-setting, whereas the fourth panel will discuss the position of a specific group of important non-state actors of space activities – the investors.

The conference is planned as a one and half-day conference with two panels on the first day and two panels on the second day, with a keynote speech and concluding remarks. It will take place on 15-16 May 2024.

More information and the programme.