University of Luxembourg

It has an exceptionally international profile: its academic staff originates from 94 different countries, administrative staff (including financial and technical staff) from 51 different countries and more than half of its students come from another country, representing more than 129 different countries.

Students can enrol in bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as doctoral schools. Bachelor students have an obligation to spend one semester abroad, and they can choose among more than 350 university partners.  More than half of its 6714 students are enrolled in graduate program.

of the University

Everything you need to know before your stay

Academic Calendar

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Registration/ Admission

The application procedure for admission follows five standardised steps. An overview of general information helps you to navigate through the different topics.

***Disclaimer: Our alliance is working towards the creation of one strong inter-university campus. Future UNIVERSEH students, staff & researchers will join a united yet diverse, multilingual and interdisciplinary campus. The aim is to build a harmonised curriculum and effective support services for our entire crew. Therefore, the alliance is working on a multilateral agreement to build the foundations for mobility among all five partner universities.

More information will be provided here once the process has been completed.


In Luxembourg, there are several options for students to find accommodation. Typically, students either rent a flat or room on the private market or they live in student housing.



Inside the EU, the health insurance from your home EU country is generally valid in all other EU countries. However, please make sure to contact your health insurer to verify that and get the free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Third-party Liability

A multi risk insurance covers the renter for potential damage for which someone may personally be held liable for. It is also valid for all damage to others for which someone may be held liable (e.g.: flooding the neighbour’s flat).

Cost of living

Here is a guide to help you calculate your estimated monthly expenses in Luxembourg.

  • Beer (330ml): 1.5 €
  • Meal at university restaurant:  4.60 €
  • Red wine (200ml): 2.50 €
  • Bread (500g): 2.40 €
  • Coffee to go: 2 €
  • Bike rental: 30 € yearly
  • Gym membership (monthly): 20-30 €
  • Still water (500ml): 0.60 €

Getting there

Luxembourg is strategically located in the centre of Europe, between Germany, Belgium and France. The country has excellent connections to and from many major cities worldwide, whether by plane to Luxembourg’s Findel airport (about 6km away from Luxembourg City), by train to the central railway station, by bus or by car.

From 1 March 2020, public transport will be free of charge throughout Luxembourg for all residents and non-residents.

Reaching the city from the airport: Luxembourg has a modern airport with excellent facilities, which offers regular passenger services to and from major worldwide destinations. Flight information is accessible through the airport website.

You can reach Toulouse in 3 hrs 30 / Düsseldorf in 3 hrs 30 / Krakow in 3 hrs 25 / Lulea in 6 hrs 25.

Reaching the city from the train station: Luxembourg City railway station is located just south of the city centre, 20 minutes away by foot. It offers a number of international rail services to and from European cities. Amsterdam 5-6 hrs Brussels 3 hrs Paris 2 hrs.